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Handcrafted Clear Quartz Pendant

Handcrafted Clear Quartz Pendant

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Beautiful handcrafted wire wrapped Clear Quartz pendant.

Clear Quartz is a Master Healer.

Chakra: All Chakras

Birthstone: April


  • Amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it.
  • Removes mental blocks by bringing in positive energy
  • Increases awareness and boost memory
  • Stimulates positive thinking,
  • Acts a deep soul cleanser
  • Works in harmony with all crystals and chakra centers.

Affirmations: I am supported by the universe to create what I truly desire. My mind, body, and soul are energized. Ase

.: Important:. Please allow for slight differences as each pendant is unique. The quartz selection varies between rough and tumbled crystals. They are selected at random. Includes 18 in cord.

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